Disposable Ear Plugs (50)

$16.95 Inc GST

Disposable Ear Plugs, Hi Vis comfortable design.

Jar of 50 (un-corded).

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Disposable ear plug – Frontier hearing protection.  Jar of 50.


Un-Corded, Soft PU foam ear plugs.  Sound protection is Class 5,  SLC80  29db. Comfortable affordable earplug option for multi purpose use.

Disposable ear plug are a comfortable, lightweight and easy to use safety option.


Hi Vis design with good sound insulation and noise reduction characteristics. This Frontier disposable ear plug complies with Australian Safety Standards: 1270:2002.

Disposable Ear Plug are a good value option. Extremely easy and quick to use and offers versatile hearing safety protection. Can be used with other hearing protection for high noise work. A pair of these worn inside Earmuffs increased your overall hearing protection.

Disposable ear plugs, hearing protection, PPE products for sale online – Affinity Shop.


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