Fingerless Anti Vibration Gel Gloves

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Anti Vibration Gloves.

Contego Gel-Filled Fingerless.

Cut Resistant with velcro fastener.

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Fingerless Anti Vibration Work Gloves (Contego).


Very Limited Stock available!


These Gel Filled Fingerless Work Gloves are made from premium A grade leather. 2.75mm full gel padded palm for good vibration reduction and comfort. Cut resistant to level 3. Neoprene cuff with velcro fastener. Stretch spandex for added movement and ease of use. A very sturdy work glove with some premium features.


Fingerless Anti Vibration Gloves are a must when using machinery and hand tools.


Reducing shock and vibrations limits long term damage from excessive machinery usage. Minimise the risk of RSI based injuries.


Fingerless Anti Vibration Work Gloves are recommended for use in these industries:

– Automotive, Shipping, Construction, Carpentry, Power Tool Use, Landscaping and Garden Maintenance Work.

Anti Vibration Contego Work Gloves. Fingerless Gel Filled – P8176A


Very Limited Stock available!


Quality Contego Anti-Vibration gloves sold online.  Southern Highlands, Mittagong near Sydney, Australia.


These gloves are being phased out and will no longer be available. Get in quick before they run out completely. Limited sizes and quantity left.


If you have any questions about these fingerless anti vibration gloves or availability Please Contact Us.

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