Why Us?


Why Us? Why should you use Affinity Shop as your supplier?


The answer is simple. We get the little things right and we put you first! Trust is something that is built over many years.


Why Us – Our Service.


  • We call you about issues or problems
  • We provide easy methods to call, message or email if you want to make contact
  • We’ll watch your delivery and check products when they leave warehouse
  • We often let you know if there is a better product that may interest you
  • We recommend good value products and alternatives that can save you money
  • We’re always friendly, helpful and eager to respond to your questions or concerns
  • We actually do what we say we will do, and when we say we will do it!


Why Us – Our Products.


  • We source great products and try to get our customers the best prices available
  • Our supply chains are selected because of reliability or sound core values
  • Our products are personally tested and proven before we sell them
  • We’re always asking our customers to provide feedback on their products (this helps everyone)
  • We look for the highest rated products, trusted safety ratings, product reliability
  • Money comes second to customer satisfaction, service and customer experience
  • We’re here to be a reliable, secure supply chain for all types of businesses and customers
  • Product consistency and improvement is what we always remain focused on


Our Difference – Packaging and Deliveries.


  • We understand the value of our products and the needs of our customers
  • We aim to package your products securely and safely
  • We’re trying to reduce waste and minimise our impact on the environment though recycling
  • Energy efficiency and solar power are important in our operations
  • We love checking products carefully before they are sent to avoid hassles
  • We include a packing slip or order note to let you know key information
  • We’re always monitoring delivery processes so we can get orders to you quickly and reliably
  • If something goes wrong during delivery, we are here to fix things as quickly as possible


We operate a sustainable business operation that centers around our customers and their product needs. You should rest assure that we have your best interests at the core of our business model. There is no need to feel dismissed or dismayed by large corporate industrial safety sellers. We’re here to offer you a friendly, personal alternative. These are the reasons to buy from us! If you want to know more, please get in touch.


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