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Australian Safety Standards Certification


I would like to take the time to discuss Australian Safety Standards Certification. What does Australian Standards Certification mean? Why should I use Australian Standards Certified safety products? What is the difference between Australian Standards Certified and Australian Standards Compliant Products?


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In Australia we have many of our important products certified to meet certain levels of safety or standards compliance. This is important to know, because it means we can depend on our products and we can understand how well we are being protected. By the end of this article you should be wiser on this subject and understand what it means to be using Australian Safety Standards Certified protective products.

The Five Ticks StandardsMark™(Red Tick Tower) has become synonymous with quality and safety. Many consumers look for the Five Ticks so they have peace of mind – from the children’s car seats, helmets to Personal Protective Equipment.


Q) What does Australian Standards Certification mean?


A) An Australian Safety Standards Certified Product has been individually tested and verified for compliance. SAI Global are an independent company that audits and makes checks in relation to our Range of Force360 Work Safety Products. SAI Global confirm that products meet Australian Standards and the Australian Construction Code.

  1. They check the Place of Manufacture
  2. They check the Manufacturing process
  3. They check the Materials and Products used (preventing the use of harmful materials or chemicals)
  4. They check that Products meet the industry standards, benchmarks and testing
  5. They check that Products continue to comply to these Standards
  6. They check that Products are supplied in a reliable and consistent manner over time


Q) Why should I or my Company use Australian Safety Standards Certified Products?


A) Basically these products have been independently verified, tested and checked for Certification! Many other products on the market claiming Australian Standards Compliance may have never been independently verified and checked for this claim.

  1. Australian Safety Standards Certified Products can actually reduce risk and reduce the likelihood of product liability claims
  2. You can give your Company or Business a competitive edge and advantage over your competitors
  3. Products can be trusted and you can feel safer knowing the Products you’re using meet a high level of quality
  4. Prevent harmful product materials and chemicals being used in your work safety products
  5. Wear your Australian Safety Standards Red Tick Tower seal of approval loudly and proudly


Q) What is the difference between Australian Standards Certified and Compliant Products?


A) As mentioned above, you want to know that your products have been independently verified and tested. If certain claims of compliance or certification are made, you want to trust that these claims are indeed truthful. Products that only claim to be Australian Safety Standards Complaint can vary a lot in quality and uniformity. Products may have been tested a long time ago and different materials or manufacturing processes may now be used.



If you have any questions about Australian Safety Standards Certification Please Get In Touch. We would love to answer any questions you may have.


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Austrlian Safety Standards Certified Product Range Force360



  1. So really by wearing gloves Certified to Australian Standards and bearing the red tick tower to prove it, Affinity Shop can provide wearer and employer peace of mind that they are using the best protection available…
    Great job and explanation thanks.

    • That is correct Jason. Thanks for your comment!
      This is an important issue for many businesses & companies in the Australian Safety Market.
      Many people are yet to catch on, or are indeed unaware of this great movement in the Australian Industrial & Workplace Safety Market.
      It would be silly to expect anything less when these products work great & are so well priced!
      We are proud to work with such innovative & forward thinking companies around us.

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