Safe Work Month October 2018


Safe Work Month for October 2018


We would just like to offer a little reminder to everyone about the Safe Work Month Scheme. This is just a little friendly reminder about the risks in work places and how we can spread awareness when required. Worker should always be supported and workplaces united to enable a harmonious work culture.


Here at Affinity Shop, we are not fans of safety police or overboard work safety processes that make no sense. We are supportive and progressive thinkers. We like to help you find the right safety products to help your workplace thrive, be successful and function efficiently.


This is a little Work Safety Video from Safe Work Australia – Got a Moment?



You can also visit the Safe Work Australia Website for more information.


Get Behind Safe Work Month and see if you can help make a difference.


How can you make your workplace safer and more profitable? National Safe Work Month is something we can all get behind. We are here to help…


Feel free to contact us today about Personal Protective Products or Work Safety Products that could assist you or your staff. We offer business rates and try to cater for discounted product purchasing.


Please Contact Us Today if you would like to discuss price matching or regular supply arrangement.


Sometimes small changes in your workplace like wearing the right work gloves, or making sure your products meet the right compliance levels can make all the difference.

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