Safety Glasses Info

Safety Glasses Info – Selection.


I will give some brief information into how to select Eye Protection.


1)  Always choose Australian Safety Standards Approved Safety Glasses, Eyewear, Safety Specs or Visors.  Here at Affinity Shop we try to only sell Australian Safety Standards Approved and Tested Products.

Safety Glasses Info: Our current Safety Standard Certification is AS/NZS 1337.1:2010.


2)  Understand why you need to protect your eyes & the best way to provide protection.  Depending on the work you are due to perform your needs will vary. 

If you are using a tool which sprays out sharps, metal filings and debris you may prefer a full face shield or visor. Visor Goggle Combos are very good for work tasks like brush cutting or whipper snipping.


Force360 Guardian Plus Visor

guardian plus visor force360 faceshield face protection goggle fpr860





Safety Glasses Info around wrap around design. 

Safety Specs can be close fitting & offer nice comfort.  These Specs can often come with added UV Protection and stylish looks.  Safety Glasses that offer wrap around design:


Mack Axel Safety Glasses

eye protection mack axel safety glasses me500





Safety Glasses Info around sunglasses design.

Some stylish Safety Glasses are created more for looks. Stylish Sunglasses can still be well made & provide good impact resistance such as:


Frontier Classic Safety Glasses

classic safety specs frontier safety glasses





All the Safety Glasses we provide are comfortable, easy to use & nice to wear for extended periods of time.  But, the best thing of all, is that our Safety Glasses are affordable.  It is important that you replace safety glasses when an incident or damage occurs.  Damaged Safety Eye Protection may not perform as expected & should be replaced when necessary.

I am a big fan of wearing Sunglasses that double up as Protective Eyewear. 

These Mack Convoy Safety Glasses are just a great all round favourite.  Attractive design, comfortable & very affordable:


Mack Convoy Safety Glasses

mack convoy safety glasses specs sunglasses






3)  Safety Glasses can also aid your vision in certain conditions.  Your vision can be improved in a variety of ways.

     –  Using coloured lenses. Amber, Smoke, Mirror, Clear Lenses can be used in certain lighting situations to help viewing clarity.

     –  You can also use Safety Glasses that have Anti Fog & Anti Scratch Coatings.

     –  Some People may even like to use polarised lenses which help vision around reflections or into water environments.


These Mack B-Double Polarised Safety Glasses are great for fishing, looking into water or minimising reflections:


Mack B Double Safety Glasses

Mack B Double Polarised Safety Glasses Work Eye Protection ME503






Safety Glasses Info – General Facts.

In Australia Eye Injuries are one of the most common injuries sustained in the workplace.  Our hospital system can see around 500 eye related injuries every year.

The most common forms of eye damage can be related to Grinding or Welding.  You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your eyes.  One small spark, chip or stone can do irreparable damage to your sight.


Construction, manufacturing & to a lesser degree the forestry, mining & fishing industries also have quite a number of eye injuries while in the line of work.



We hope you will find some of this information useful in helping you to select the right Eye Protection for your needs or the needs of your workers or industry professionals.


Feel free to  CONTACT US  if you would like any further Safety Glasses info.


We are more than happy to discuss bulk order and price matching. We would love to create regular supply arrangements with new businesses Australia Wide.

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