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A key question to ask is: do I need safety products, and which products will suit my needs.

We all need to operate with a level of safety. I am not one to be fussy and over-board about safety. Though, it’s important to remain vigilant and never operate with a degree of recklessness. Have basic work safety products can very well save your life or limbs!

Here at Affinity Shop we try to only provide products which have been properly tested. We also place great emphasis on providing you, the customer with products that meet strict AS/NZ Safety Compliance or Certified Standards.


What personal Safety products do you need in your workplace?


You generally would require basic safety products such as PPE(personal protective equipment):

– Safety Gloves, Safety Specs/Glasses, Earmuffs or Ear Plugs (or both), Respirators, Hard Hat, Sun Safety, Clothing and Safety Footwear.


Check out our Sun Protection Safety Products here:

nbcf charity sunscreen safety products buy nbcf sunscreen online






We are continually updating and improving our range of Safety Products. Please keep checking back in to our website or sign up with us to keep updated. Contact us if you wish to find particular products you are after. Often we can supply or source many more products than we list for sale.


The Work Cover NSW Website  is a great resource if you want to understand your safety requirements or needs better.


We have a new Safety Products Supplier! Force360 are a wonderful new innovative Work Safety Supply Company. We work closely with Force360 to bring you great new products at very competitive prices. You can view some of the Force360 Work Safety Gloves Here!


Click on this image link to view the whole range of Force360 Products:


Force 360 Safety Work PPE Gloves Eyewear Safety Specs Safety Glasses







If you wish to discuss any of your product needs or if you would like us to recommend products for you, we are always happy to do so. Alternatively, if you would like us to match any competitor pricing, Please Contact Us to talk further about your requirements.


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