Anti Fog Multi Wipes – Force360

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Anti Fog Multi Wipes by Force360. FOGOFF Lens Wipes for cleaning and caring for your eye protection.

Supplied in a box of 100.




Anti Fog Multi Wipes FogOff by Force360


The Force360 Anti Fog, ‘FogOff’ pre moistened multi wipes improve glasses performance. Not only do they clean lens or screen surfaces, but when used on safety eyewear it provides a good anti fog barrier for up to 24 hours. Great value wipes for a wide range of applications.



Anti Fog Multi Wipes EFPR950 key features:


  • Quality cleaning and Anti Fog Capability
  • Alcohol and Ammonia Free Formula
  • Kills many types of bacteria on contact
  • Creates a nice protection shield over lens or screen surfaces
  • Hydrophobic and hydrophilic components ensure nice lens performance
  • Anti Static Rated can repel dirt and dust away from surface
  • Individually packed Pre Moistened Lens Tissues
  • Large 20cm x 13cm Wipes
  • Convenient Dispenser box
  • 100 Wipes Per Box
  • 10 Boxes Per Carton


Anti Fog Multi Wipe Usage:


  • Safety Glasses, Safety Specs and Eyewear
  • Faceshields and Goggles
  • Mobile Devices and Tablets
  • Computer Monitors and Screens
  • Scanners, Lazers or other Radiography Devices
  • Cameras, Lenses and Photographic Equipment
  • General purpose cleaning wipe

Force360 Multi Wipes Fogoff Cleaning Lens Wipes (EFPR950) compliment many types of work eyewear or screen based products. Buy a box of 100 or get a carton of 10 boxes. Nice quality lens cleaning wipe that provide added anti-fog protection.


Please note: we recommend that you check with your device instructions or manual before confirming this product is suitable. If you are unsure you may wish to try an obscure test patch to ensure this product will suit your needs.


Force360 FogOff Multi Wipes offer a great solution to improve your work eyewear and safety glasses performance. Try some today.


Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or need to discuss your purchase.


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