Boomerang Lens Cleaning Wipes Anti-Fog (300)

$79.95 Inc GST

Boomerang lens cleaning wipes (Box of 300). Quality Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch cleaning cloth for ppe and eye protection products.

Look after and protect your eye protection, screens, phones, ppe safety products.


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Boomerang Lens Cleaning Wipes – Box of 300


Quality PPE Cleaning Wipes that offer streak free performance with Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch Coating. Pre-moistened PPE cleaning wipes suitable for glasses, monitors, goggles, face shields, respirators and mobile phones.


Boomerang Anti-Fog Lens Wipes key features:


  • Versatile Cleaning Wipes for lots of PPE
  • Provides Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch
  • Pre-Moistened easy to use Towelettes
  • Suitable for Earmuff and Respirator Hygiene
  • Clean Phones, Screens, Surfaces and Eye Protection
  • Non Woven Biodegradable Tissue
  • Lens Wipe Size: 140mm x 160mm
  • Box of 300 Individually Packaged Wipes
  • Created with a Supply Nation Certified Business
  • Made in New Zealand

Quality Boomerang Lens Cleaning Wipes for PPE and work safety products. Very versatile wipes for all kinds of screens and technology uses as well as hygienic cleaning. Anti-fog and Anti-Scratch coatings to protect or care for your work safety products.


We recommend to use these cleaning wipes on:


  • Screens, Phones, Computers
  • TV, Scanners, EFTPOS Terminals
  • Clean many types of Technology Devices
  • Goggles, Face Shields, Visors
  • Glasses, Safety Specs and Eyewear
  • Hygienically Clean PPE like Respirators or Earmuffs
  • Can even use to Anti-Fog Small Mirrors etc ..


If you have any questions about this product or any others that we sell, please get in touch.


Please Note: The Boomerang® range of personal protective equipment is proudly designed & manufactured in partnership with Cole Workwear Pty Ltd – a Noongar owned & operated Indigenous Australian company & Supply Nation certified business.


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