Force360 Surgical Masks Type II R – RWRX240

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Force360 Surgical Masks Type IIR. Safety Certified Disposable Face Masks with TGA Listing. Class 1 Medical Device.

These Type 2 Surgical Masks come in a box of 50.

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Force360 Surgical Masks Type II R (RWRX240)


Quality Force360 Surgical Masks offering Type II R Protection. You can trust these masks have been through due diligence in terms of safety ratings and safety standards. Quality disposable surgical masks for medical professionals, nursing applications, dental, health/beauty or hygiene practices. Buy masks that you can depend on in many situations.


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Surgical Masks Type II R (RWRX240) key features:


  • Safety Standards Tested and Certified
  • TGA Listing Number 340305
  • Nice quality masks you can trust
  • Triple Layer Construction
  • Type II R performance standards
  • >98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
  • >98% Liquid Splash Protection
  • Class 1 single use medical device
  • Low breathing resistance for added comfort
  • 175 x 95mm non-sterile surgical mask
  • Box holds 50 Single Disposable Masks
  • Carton contains 40 Boxes (2000 Masks)
  • Buy in bulk to get a great price!


These Force360 Surgical Masks offer dependable safety and performance for a wide range of applications. Don’t risk buying products that are inferior or could be completely untested or fraudulent. Force360 is a brand you can know and trust with your safety needs. Ensure the hard work has been done with the testing, safety standards and compliance of your safety products.


Force360 Surgical Mask Recommended Usage:


  • Medical and Hospital Care
  • Dental, Nursing or Aged Care
  • Health, Beauty or Tattoo/Body Art
  • Veterinarian, Animal or Food Handling
  • Personal Safety, Isolation or Social Distancing


Safety Performance Properties (RWRX240):


  • EN 14683:2019+AC:2019 Type II R (ASTM 2100-19 Level 2)
  • Clause 5.2.2 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) > 98% protection from airborne bacteria
  • Clause 5.2.3 Breathing Resistance < 49.0 Pa/cm2 for maximum comfort and prolonged wear
  • Clause 5.2.4 Splash Resistance >120mmHg to protect against liquid splash, such as blood or saliva that may contain pathogens


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We will be getting some other breathing protection products in soon also that you can check out here.


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