P2 Valved Flat Fold Respirators (10)

$44.95 Inc GST

P2 Valved Flat Fold Respirators (Frontier). Industrial quality disposable breathing protection. Australian Safety Standards Certified protection.

Supplied as a box of 10 Masks.


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P2 Valved Flat Fold Respirators – Frontier.


Industrial Quality, P2 Valved Crossfold Respirator/Masks. Adjustable nose bridge with foam insert strip enables a snug, comfortable fit.  Very light weight and comfortable, with elastic headband. Individually hygienically packed. Crossfold shape for comfort with high flow valve allows easier breathing and speaking. Low profile design allows unobstructed vision and can be worn easily with other PPE and safety products.


P2 Valved Flat Fold Respirator key features:


  • Australian Safety Standards Certified
  • Comfortable, Contoured Fit
  • Fast Flow Valve for easy breathing
  • Lightweight, Disposable P2V
  • Individually, Hygienically Packed
  • Twin Elastic Head Bands
  • Full Face Seal and Fit
  • Adjustable Nose Bridge
  • Comes in a box of 10 masks


These Frontier Flat Fold Respirators meets Australian Safety Standards – 1716:2012.


Respirators are a very under-rated safety protection product. Keep the air you are breathing clean and free from dangerous particles. An important part of work site safety. Every workplace should have respirators on hand to use when required.


P2 Flat Fold Valved Masks. Breathing protection work safety products for sale online at Affinity Shop Australia.


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Protect yourself from Airborne particles, dusts and other contaminants that could affect you. Quality disposable respirators by Frontier Safety.


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