Printed Hard Hats – First Aid, Fire Warden

$37.50 Inc GST

Printed Hard Hats Australian Made! Designs for workplace safety usage. Quality safety certified head protection.

Range of Pre-Printed Designs: First Aid, Fire Warden, Chief Warden, Area Warden, Deputy Chief Warden.


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Printed Hard Hats – Range of Designs


Printed hard hats, Australian Made that offer designs for workplace safety use. High quality Australian Made hard hats. Premium cradle and head adjustment for easy to use head protection. Pre-printed designs that display staff roles or designations. Sureguard Safety hard hats.


Range of Designs:  First Aid, Fire Warden, Area Warden, Chief Warden, Deputy Chief Warden


Printed Hard Hats key features:


  • Australian Made Hard Hats!
  • Australian Safety Standards Certified
  • Made using high impact polycarbonate
  • Lightweight and Very Tough
  • Type 1 Safety Certified
  • Reinforced Rain Peak
  • Vented for enhanced air flow
  • Premium 6 Point Harness
  • Comfortable, Secure Fit
  • Adjustable Ratchet or Pin Lock Strap
  • Accessory Slot fits 30mm Accessories


Printed Hard Hat Designs:


  • First Aid (Green)
  • Fire Warden (Red)
  • Area Warden (Yellow)
  • Chief Warden (White)
  • Deputy Chief Warden (White)


These hard hats can be used in a wide variety of workplace environments. Help public or other staff to know who is in charge of certain roles or departments within your organisation. These high quality Australian Made Hard Hats provide certified safety protection. Don’t go cheap and nasty when it comes to your head protection.


If you have any questions about these hard hats, please get in touch. We are happy to discuss bulk orders or can arrange pad printing services for you.


We have a wide range of Head Protection Products Available.


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Printed Hard Hats

Area Warden, Chief Warden, Deputy Chief Warden, Fire Warden, First Aid


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