Womens Safety Glasses

Women’s Safety Glasses and eyewear for the workplace or personal protection.


This post is to help women find appropriate eye protection for themselves at work. We provide eye protection that can be used for safety as well as home use, sport & fashion.  The information provided here may also be useful for employers or professionals trying to select safety glasses for women in their workplace.


One big issue facing women when trying to find safety products is the lack of range.  This is not helped by our male dominated work forces, in many of our industries including mining, construction & manufacturing.  Luckily many products can be used by both sexes.


Here at Affinity Shop we do not confess to have a huge range of women’s safety glasses. We do however, want to make it easier for women to find products suitable for them. Quality products that you can trust & depend on is our main focus, rather than having a large range.

This article shows a few of the Safety Glasses that we can provide for Women.

One of our most popular Safety Glasses for Women that we stock is the Mack Pink Lady.  These are reliable, well built & a fashionable choice for women in many industries.

Mack Pink Lady Safety Glasses are a dependable attractive option for women performing a range of tasks.  Medium Impact rated & Australian Safety Standards Approved.

mack pink lady safety glasses me508

             Mack Pink Lady Safety Glasses


Mack VX2 is another range of safety glasses aimed at women.  These safety glasses come in a range of colours.  This is another nice choice for women in the workplace. Also Medium Impact Rated and Safety Standards Approved.

mack vx2 safety glasses green lens specs

         Mack VX2 Safety Glasses Green

The Mack Flyer are a Stylish Polarised Smoke Lens Eye Protection offering.


Mack Flyer Polarised Safety Glasses ME526

Mack Flyer Polarised Safety Glasses


Force360 are a new player in the Safety Product world. Most of their products are Australian Safety Standards Approved with Red Tick Tower. The Mirage is another nice styling Polarised Eye Protection Option.



Force360 Mirage Polarised Safety Glasses


I will also provide more information for other products related to women in the workplace.  This is only a little preview into what is to come.


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