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Work safety glasses and safety specs .. is there a difference?


A major component of work safety is the use of eye protection. Eye damage should be considered a major risk in all types of modern workplaces in this day and age. In Australia we have strong evidence that eye protection is vital. Our eyes are very delicate, even a minor accident could result in bad outcomes. In many cases permanent eye damage or blindness could have been avoided with appropriate protection.


Lets discuss some of the main issues around eye protection and why we require solutions. I’m also eager to explore some of the main difference between Safety Glasses and Safety Specs. This guide will hopefully help people to make more informed eye protection choices. If we could help avert one potential injury through information it would be great!



Work Safety Glasses and Specs – What are the main hazards?


Some of the leading causes of eye injury in Australia relate to physical eye damage and exposure. Both dangers need to highlighted in order to provide and cater for adequate protection solutions. Eye wear can benefits people in all kinds of workplaces or sporting environments. The main hazards:


Physical Eye Damage can occur from flying rocks, sparks, debris or other projected objects. You may be working on or around tools, working in unpredictable areas or even just playing tennis or cricket for example. Having the right Safety Glasses or Specs will offer you medium impact rated protection. Different designs or lens types will also enhance your safety or the effectiveness of the particular product you go for.


Exposure Related Damage can be cause by the sun and harmful UV radiation. It is important to realise that sun exposure is important for our health, but it can also be harmful to us if we are not careful. We must take steps to minimise the chances of eye damage. Choosing Safety Glasses or Specs that offer UV protection is really important. Darker tint Safety Glasses or Spectacles are more effective for outdoor usage.



Work Safety Glasses and Specs – What are the main differences?


Work safety glasses and safety spectacles are different in a number of ways. Choose products according to your usage and protection requirements. Here are a few of the key differences:


Safety Glasses Features:

  1. Safety Glasses generally offer a more premium option.
  2. Can look like Sunglasses or Fashionable Eye Wear.
  3. Often are created with half or full lens frames.
  4. Frequently come in less lens types or options.
  5. Can come with Polarised Lenses Models.
  6. Are more expensive to manufacture and buy.
  7. We often supply our Glasses with a protector pouch.


Safety Spec Features:

  1. Safety Specs are often used in budget conscious operations.
  2. Often made out of one material like Polycarbonate.
  3. Frequently provided in two or more lens types ie Clear, Smoke, Silver Mirror, Amber, Brown etc..
  4. Used in more disposable operations or work tasks.
  5. Budget manufacturing can mean less rubber or comfort components.
  6. Flexibility is a nice attribute to many types of Specs.
  7. Are often very lightweight and easy to use.



Work Safety Glasses and Specs – Which should I choose?


Budget, work application and comfort should determine your eye protection buying choice. Will you damage your eye wear within a short space of time? If your eye wear get scratched or dirty quickly, you might prefer safety specs. If you think you would like a pair of quality glasses to last you many months and you plan to look after them, go for safety glasses. Do you need features like anti fog, anti scratch or polarised lenses? Make sure the Safety Specs or Glasses will cater for these requirements. If you require Polarised Lenses, you are generally going to have to go for more upmarket Safety Glasses.



work safety glasses and specs informationPlease Note:  All of our eye protection products at Affinity Shop meet or exceed Australian Safety Standards. This is a must whenever you are wanting to obtain adequate workplace or sporting protection. Please do not buy cheap nasty glasses made overseas and think they will provide protection. Wearing the wrong glasses could actually cause you more damage in the case of an accident! 



If you have any questions related to Eye Protection Products, information or selection Please get in Touch.

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