Glove Safety Standards

Glove Safety Standards – EN Standards – Mechanical Protection Qualities.


Many people contact me requesting gloves for all different requirements and workplaces. It is important to understand how to meet your needs and safety demands.

Sometimes when I get contacted for certain gloves, people actually quote the safety standards of the gloves they require. Confusing the glove standards and the glove product code is very easy to do.


Click on this link to learn what one of our key suppliers FORCE360 think about safety.

This is an article in which we discuss the advantages of Australian Safety Standards Certification!



Glove Safety Standards logo – EN Mechanical Protection Ratings:



This Logo shows the EN Safety Standards for Mechanical Protection Ratings listed on Gloves.

As shown in this example, there are four numbers below the shield. Each number relates to a certain glove rating quality. The higher the number the better it is. The highest rating numbers are either 4 or 5.

Reading the numbers from left to right:

The first number relates to Abrasion Resistance, the second to Cut Resistance, the third to Tear Resistance and the fourth number relates to Puncture Resistance.

  1. Abrasion   (max 4)
  2. Cut            (max 5)
  3. Tear           (max 4)
  4. Puncture    (max 4)

So from this example and the information provided you can determine what gloves you need for your purpose. You can also predict how useful certain gloves will be for tasks you perform. For example if you are working with glass or knives, look for a high second number (5 being the highest rating).


Glove Safety Standards help protect you in your Workplace!

Australian Safety Standards are important, both for your safety and protection, but also enable you to trust products you are using.


The very popular Ninja HPT Safety Gloves has a Safety Rating of 4131.


We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, or help you decide which gloves may be right for you.

Here at Affinity Shop we try to test and trial most products we sell first hand to ensure utmost quality. We also try to provide Australian Tested and approved safety products that you can trust.

One of our great performing gloves is the Frontier Safeguard – Safety Rating of 4544.

frontier safeguard cut resistant safety gloves




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