Fingerless Gloves Force360 Worx3

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Fingerless Gloves Force360 Worx3. Quality mechanics Fingerless work glove for a wide range of workplaces.

EN388 Safety Rating:  3 2 4 2




Fingerless Gloves Force360 Mechanics Glove (Worx3).


Fingerless Gloves Force360 a safety product you can trust! Nice fit and feel, with attention to the small details. Durable, breathable and secured with a nice velcro strap. The Force360 WORX3 mechanics style gloves are a very nice choice for your work tasks. High safety ratings and Red Tick Tower gloves at a great price! We know you will like these ones when you get to try them out yourself.


Fingerless Gloves Worx3 Force360 key features:


  • Australian Safety Standards Certified
  • Synthetic leather palm offers a nice alternative to leather
  • Reinforced double stitching for increased durability
  • Fingerless glove for increased control and touch
  • Neoprene palm area for vibration control and enhanced grip
  • Velcro closure for secure fit and comfort
  • Very nice quality work gloves
  • Personal ID tag area
  • Glove Safety Rating:  3 2 4 2
  • Sizing Available:  S – XXL


Force360 Fingerless Worx3 Recommended Usage:

  • Gardening and Landscaping
  • Resource and Mining
  • Building and Construction
  • Automotive and Logistics
  • Maintenance and DIY
  • Shipping and Warehousing.


Force360 Fingerless EN388 Safety Ratings:

  • Abrasion Resistance – 3
  • Cut Resistance – 2
  • Tear Resistance – 4
  • Puncture Resistance – 2

Fingerless Gloves Worx3 from Force360 have been designed and refined in Australia.

A nice glove developed using the latest technologies and materials. We have a feeling you will agree that the WORX3 offers good performance. These mechanics style fingerless work gloves, combine comfort and great value. Made from quality Synthetic Leather, 4 Way Spandex, Neoprene and Lycra. Be sure to try out the Force360 range of gloves, because we know you’ll be impressed!


Buy Force360 Worx3 gloves from your quality supplier Online – Affinity Shop.


Quality Force360 Synthetic Leather Worx3 Gloves. If you are looking to purchase bulk products or work out regular supply contracts we would love to hear from you. But most of all, secure your supply today.


Force360 Safety Gloves Australia Standards





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Glove Sizes

S, M, L, XL, XXL

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1 Pair, 6 Pairs, 12 Pairs


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