Wide Brim Hard Hats – All NEW!


Wide Brim Hard Hats – Australian Made Quality!


We are proud to supply the all new Wide Brim Hard Hats. Now you don’t need to use a Hard Hat Snap Brim if you don’t want to retro fit your existing hard hat. You can now buy a hard hat designed for good outdoor protection.


Australian Made products are always great! We love stocking them because not only are we supporting local manufacturing and jobs. But also you get good quality, designed for Australian working conditions, lightning fast supply times and generally stock will always be available. Nothing worse than supplying a great product only to be told you will have to wait three months for replacement stock to arrive.


Wide Brim Hard Hats – Why should you buy one?


  • Australian Certified Safety Protection!
  • Australian Made and Designed
  • Great wrap around brim providing nice protection
  • All new removable inserts for Hard Hat Earmuffs
  • Premium Comfort Safety Harness
  • Ratchet Mechanism for convenient tightening
  • There is even a Clearview Version of these Helmets
  • Mining Versions Available upon request
  • Vented or Non-Vented, Type 1 or Type 2


Great innovation buy a local Australian Company for the Australian Safety Market!

If you are out in the elements, facing enduring heat and extreme sun exposure, these Hard Hats are great! Not only will they provide shade protection but they will even deflect or reflect the heat bearing down on you.


wide brim hard hat with ratchet mechanism broad brim










You can even get these Wide Brim Hard Hats pad printed with your own design or logo if you wish!


wide brim hard hat with ratchet mech broad brim









Get in touch with us today if you want to discuss bulk pricing or a range of products for your work site.


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